Frequently asked questions

How does the Housing Register work? 

The way that applications are processed will mean that your application, once verified, will be placed in one of five housing need ‘Bands’. The choice of Band is informed by the information you have included in your application. Within each Band priority is given to those with a local connection to the communities where there are homes available and the time the application has been on the Housing Register.


Do I qualify for Social Housing in Powys?

You qualify for Social Housing in Powys if you can say yes to the following:

1.    If you and any joint applicants are 16 or over

2.    You are a British National or meet one of the other resident criteria set out within the ‘Homes in Powys’ Allocation Scheme  

3.    You do not have a history of unacceptable behaviour including Anti-Social Behaviour or rent arrears


How do I apply for social or affordable housing in Powys?

You can apply ‘online’ for social or affordable housing by registering here


What if I don’t have a computer, laptop or tablet? 

Computers are available at any of the libraries in Powys. If you are not a member of the library service, you will need to sign up for a Library Card. Once you have a Library Card, you can use the services at any of the Council's libraries. To sign up you will need proof of your identity and address.

You can also ask a family member, friend or support worker with their own computer, laptop or tablet for help with applying on-line.

Both Barcud Housing Association and Newydd Housing Association have computers available for the public to use. To check availability please select Partners


What if I need help to register my application for housing?

If you have difficulty applying on line please contact one of the ‘Home in Powys’ partners or the Housing One number 01597 827464 for help and advice.


Do I need to answer every question to register?

All questions marked with a * MUST be answered. If you do not answer these questions, you won’t be able to complete the application. You need to answer every question you are asked so that your application can be assessed and you are assigned to the correct Band for your housing needs.


What happens if my circumstances change?

Please log in and update your account as soon as possible if there is a change in your situation as this may change the Band that you are in.


How long will it take to get housed?

It isn’t possible to give any indication of how long a person may have to wait on the register before being rehoused. That is because we rely upon existing tenants leaving their homes to create new opportunities to give homes to other people. The Council and housing associations are both now building new homes. As the rate of building increases that will provide more choice for people wanting to live in social or affordable housing. If you visit the Recent Lets page you will be able to see the banding and application date of the applicant that was last allocated a property in your area of choice.


How many area choices can I make?

You can choose as many areas as you want to live in., However, you can only gain local connection for up to three areas.

Please be aware that if you are offered a property in one of your areas of choice and you refuse, this will be classed as one of your two offers meaning you may only have one offer remaining.


What are the Local Connection Criteria?

Please see the Local Connection section of the ’Homes in Powys’ Allocation Scheme policy


What counts as ‘close family’?

Close family means parents – or parental equivalents, and/or siblings.


What is a Reasonable Offer?

A reasonable offer is one that has taken into consideration the following factors that were asked when you completed your application to join the Housing Register:

·         Affordability

·         Location

·         Number of bedrooms

·         Property type

·         Support needs


How many offers do I receive?

You will get a maximum of two offers


Can I refuse a reasonable offer?

Yes. However, if you refuse a reasonable offer you will either have one offer remaining or, if this is the second time you have refused a reasonable offer, have your membership of the Housing register cancelled.


How many bedrooms can I apply for?

All applicants, regardless of which Band their application falls in, and who receive housing benefit or the housing element of Universal Credit, will only be eligible for properties in line with the Department of Work and Pension’s (DWP) property size criteria. This is because social security for housing costs, paid either as part of Universal Credit or via housing benefit, is reduced if people have more bedrooms than social security rules say they need.

Applicants who are working, not receiving social security housing support and can show that they can afford a larger property will have the option to apply for one bedroom above what the DWP criteria says they need.


Can my pets be rehoused with me? 

Each landlord has different polices with regards to pets. Therefore, please make sure the details of your pets are included in your application.